It is unfortunate that some people will impersonate others to try to gain access into the homes of individuals – an offender may suggest that they represent a utility company, the police, a trade or even possibly a charity or a community organisation. If you are not expecting a caller at your door then please take care to ensure that they are who they say they are before opening the door to them and letting them in:-

“Wherever possible check the identity of the caller through a window before going to the door. Ask the caller to pass their identity badge/details to you through the letterbox – do not open the door to them”.

“Check the details of the caller with the company/organisation they claim to represent – do not rely on a phone number that the caller may give you, look it up in the phone book or online”.

“If you are still unsure ask the caller to make an official appointment and come back, await correspondence from their company/organisation and ask a family member or neighbour to be present if required”.

“Whenever you do open the front door to anyone always make sure the back door and windows are locked before doing so and vice versa”.

“If you have any doubt whatsoever about the identity of a caller at your door do not let them in and tell a family member or friend about the incident”.

“If the caller has left and you feel they have acted suspiciously please ring 101 and report the incident to West Yorkshire Police”.

“If you feel threatened by someone that calls at your home and the incident is ongoing please ring 999”.

Most callers will make appointments prior to coming to your home and you will be aware of their business. However, it is always better to be certain that any caller is who they say they are prior to opening the door to them.